>My name is Inigo Montoya…

>What a Memorial Day it was… So. Rachel and I did go to the beach. In the rain. We were the only assholes on the beach. However, we played frisbee, we did cartwheels, we put our feet in the water, we did all the beach stuff one could possibly do, and then it started to pour. So we did the next logical thing… found beer. Since we had to wait for Matt and Katie anyway, why not. The best part was that in Brighton everyone is Russian. And our waitress didn’t speak much English. Very very interesting. I guess you could say that we started drinking around 1:30 and finished about an hour ago. I needed it to. Especially after the damn few weeks I’ve had. Then we all came back to our apartment and ordered pizza, drank, played Cranium (which should only be played with large amounts of alcohol),and watched The Princess Bride. In the course of the day Matt and I totally made up for all the time we won’t be seeing each other in future by fighting like brother and sister, including Matt biting my hand because it was there. Excellent.

Whatever, it’s the end of the day and though I managed to get though it fairly unscathed, I’m again in the unhappy place facing hours of supposed sleep. damn…

On a happy note, I heard back from Justin. He’s safe and happy and doing very well, even if he is in Iraq.

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  1. >hey just wanted to say i checked your blog out. I have played Cranium with lots of alcohol…no one could guess what i was getting at.

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