>Blame it on the rain, yeah yeah

>I should’ve known that nothing good could possibly come out of Washington DC. Duh. So before this month I’ve never had a speeding ticket. Now suddenly I have two, because of the stupid camera enforcement in Washington DC. DAMN IT DAMN IT DAMN IT. If I never go there again it will be to soon.

On that note… maybe the subway is the best way to get around…. a good book, some tunes… sigh…

Oh yes, also in need of a new bank. As mine is about an hour out of my way.


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  1. >just doing a bit of blogsdropping; nice to meet you, come over to visit and we can have cybertea. btw i’ve never met a ‘Kate’ who wasn’t a lovely person (my theory on this is that when people say the word/name ‘Kate’, it forces their mouth into a smile–try it, saying ‘Kate’ that is; you’ll smile, I guarantee–and so your whole life you’ve had people smiling at you whenever they speak to you, and this in turn has predisposed you (and all the other Kates) to becoming a lovely, happy person.correct me if i’m wrong!

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