>Hot time in the old town…

>Last dress rehearsal tonight. Technically tomorrow is still a rehearsal, but we’ll have an audience, so I’m not counting it as a rehearsal. Things that went wrong tonight: Janna forgot to yell from off-stage, forcing me and Joel to have to kiss until someone covered for her, I forgot to put on the engagement ring for the scene in which I’m supposed to give it back and then Joel is supposed to throw it at me, I went to pull a petal off the flowers and the whole flower came off the stem. Not too bad overall. Something’s bugging Joel and it’s getting to him on stage, mostly in a good way, it’s empowering his performance. Today was the first day I didn’t totally dislike the guy. It’s a weird thing to not like the person you’re playing opposite of. Especially, when the characters are supposed to be as in love as Zelda and Fitz were. Maybe if we’d had a longer rehearsal process together things would be different. Instead, we’re just getting to know one another, and we lost time getting off to a rocky start. Anyhow, if he doesn’t go to the city for the day, we are going to try to get together for dinner. Might be nice to spend some quality one-on-one time…

Speaking of which, Meagan and I need some alcoholically enhanced gossiping time sometime this weekend. I wonder when/where the cast party will be…

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