>…but here I am, very glad to be unhappy…

>Almost two whole days without you-know-who. I’m pathetically cute, I know… It hits me at two very specific times of day: waking up in the morning and driving home late at night. Truth is, I’m happy to be sad though. I’m content knowing he’s even there in the first place.

Interestingly enough, I’ve been entertaining myself with Seth and Anna’s weblogs. Well, just Anna’s actually. Seth rarely updates his. Anna’s though is kind of amusing to me in that Kate’s-going-straight-to-hell kind of way. Some people I just enjoy seeing miserable, and the worst part is that I’ve never even met her. Needless to say she’s not in a happy place and is airing it on her weblog for all the world to wallow in her misery with her. Paper and pen would be a much more appropriate outlet, if she wasn’t looking for the world’s biggest pity party. Oh well… I really can’t stand weak people.

Tomorrow is opening night. I’m so glad to be out of rehearsals. They were absolute torture. Thank god there will be some alcohol flowing after the show… (no worries, Brian and friends, I think the party venue is a bit too classy for Flamming Dr. Peppers) I hope to take pictures in costume and fancy party clothes and post later this week.

One last thing, Shannon, if you’re going to go through my stuff while I’m not home, don’t write about it in your weblog… hello!?


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