>I’m as corny as Kansas in August

>amazing weekend.

Brian came down for the Secret Garden cookout at Jessica’s house on Sunday. Unfortunately the 2 hour ride took six because of the flooding in Harrisburg and surrounding areas. So, instead of heading back he came to my house for the night with the intention of going back to school early in the morning. When we woke up in the morning and watched the news he decided to hang around for the day because the roads were still closed. 🙂 Aside from our day of 4 wheeling and stargazing, this was the first day we got to spend together. So we slept in! and then went out to lunch and to Borders. Then to my mom’s so I could teach and Brian could get some school work done. We had dinner with the fam and then hung around to watch tv for the evening. We didn’t do much but it was an almost perfect day. Brian stayed again last night and left for school early this morning.

I’m so lucky. and happy…

Brian, no worries, ok?!

Lots to do today. starting with a shower…

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