>baby, it’s cold outside

Ok,so I guess it’s officially fall now. I had to pull out my winter coat before I left or work today.

Interesting work day. I sat in on a meeting of the graduate programs at YCP. There are only three grad programs and unfortunately there is no uniformity among them, at all. While this is probably fine for marketing needs, it stinks for admissions and applications. Each dept is handling there on admissions proceedures, and it doesn’t seem to be very effective to me. Fortunately, Phil seems open to my opinions on the matter and we will discuss it further before we meet with the project heads.

I’m still shopping for a car. Ebay seems to be my friend. I found a brilliant car on ebay in Norristown (not that far away) that ends at 3:30am… sigh… guess who’s going to be up till then.

I ahve a meeting with the Homeschoolers/Dreamwrights on Saturday to discuss Harvey. yay!!!! So, I’m updating my CV and rereading the play and I’ll be all ready to impress on Sat. It would be a nice birthday gift to have a directing gig.

So much to do and so little memory for all of it.

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