>Happy Anniversary, Josh and Athena!

>Best wishes to my old friend Josh Herman and his wife Athena, as they celebrate their first anniversary… http://www.joshuaherman.com

I got an email back from another dear old friend across the seas, this morning. Justin turned 32 this week. It never ceases to amaze me that we have stayed friends for so long and over such distances. I tend to think that if the Gods had ever shone down on us and granted us better timing we would be a couple. However, Justin has instead been blessed with his wife Maria, and I am blessed with Brian. So maybe our timing has always been right on, making sure that we never quite got together! Anyhow, I love hearing from him, knowing that everything is ok for him. I know it’s not great as he is serving in a war in which no ones could ever picture him. I guess his saving grace is that at least he’s playing, and able to have music be the main focus of his life.

Brian and I have had an interesting few days. Our relationship was tested in a hard way. But, we’ve come through, hopefully stronger then before.

So far, I’ve spent the day cleaning and doing laundry. Perhaps a shower is in order!

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