>Back in Business

>So, my hard drive crashed last week. No freakin’ clue as to why. It just happened. And of course my warranty ended in January… argh. So, I purchased a new hard drive (Identical specifications) and bravely replaced it myself. Of course I lost a lot of data, but I’m hoping to send my original hard drive to a data rescue company to see what can be salvaged. Regardless, it’s good to be up and running again.

Pretty busy week last week. Harvey opened and closed. It ended up being a pretty good little show. I was proud of the kids. They worked hard.

I auditioned for Baltimore Shakespeare Festival last weekend, and yesterday had a callback. I was originally told to be prepared to read sides for Anne Page (Merry Wives of Windsor) and when I got there they had me read for Mistress Ford and Mistress Page (significantly larger roles than Anne Page) and after my first reading the director asked where I have been. That was pretty nice.

In have a pretty nice easy day today. Only YCP work. I might stay late and go over to the practice rooms for a while. Tomorrow night I’m going to see Jessica Wu in The King and I (Jessica was one of my classmates at NYU). So I think I’ll probably go to Tap in the morning. Which means that tonight I need to work on choreography. Things seem to be settling down for a bit. YAY!!! Saturday, I’m headed to Pittsburgh for PCLO Auditions.

I guess that’s all for now… adios!

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