>And it goes like it goes…

>This week has somewhat disappeared. I guess that’s good.

Career updates: Went to Pittsburgh this weekend. Really severely dislike that town. Auditions were a bit bizarre. I was surrounded by “Musical Theatre Clones.” But all in all things were fine. Tuesday, had an audition for the National Tour of The Will Rogers Follies. I feel pretty ambivelent about that one. Oh well. Truth is that my focus is still on Zelda and I’m not feeling particularly enthusiastic about much else. I did get an audition time for NETC (New England Theatre Conference) which could lead to some summer work. So now I have to come up with a two-minute audition for that. A combo of Monologue and Song. It actually sounds like a fun little project.

Anything Goes: The kids are driving me nuts and the Director is driving me nuts. I went to rehearsal last night to help out with an Act I review. My understanding was that rehearsal was going to start at 6pm. At about 6:45, Rosina said, “well I guess we’ll wait for a few more people to get here.” I said that I started my rehearsals on time regardless of whether everyone was there or not and that I thought we should get started. Without commanding the attention of the students, she said “let’s get started” and the kids just continued to sit and chitchat. I can’t believe how rude and disrespectful the students are in general. Rosina enables it and that is definately part of the problem, however I am insulted that they treat musical rehearsal like social hour. I’m not sure what if anything I’m going to do about it. I had to leave last night I was so angry. Granted, there are a few kids who focus and work hard and I really appreciate their dedication, but I can’t stand the behavior of about 90% of the cast.

Valentine’s was very nice. Brian took me to a wonderful restaurant just south of State College. And I got a CD I had been asking for 😉 Byron Jones singing French Cabaret songs. I gave him a frame picture of the Falls by his house, so he can take them with him wherever he ends up.


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