>Song for the Month of June

>”No More” from Into the woods

Running away – let’s do it,
Free from the ties that bind.
No more despair
Or burdens to bear
Out there in the yonder.

Running away – go to it.
Where did you have in mind?
Have to take care:
Unless there’s a “where,”
You’ll only be wandering blind.
Just more questions,
Different kind.

Where are we to go?
Where are we ever to go?

Running away – we’ll do it.
Why sit around, resigned?
Trouble is, son,
The farther you run,
The more you feel undefined
For what you have left undone
And, more, what you’ve left behind.

We dissapoint
We leave a mess,
We die but we don’t…

Been a long weekend, and it’s only Saturday. Did a 25 mile bike trip with the middle school on Friday. It was a lot of fun and I made it with absolutely no problems. Not a sore muscle! Went to Brian’s new place afterwards. His apartment is pretty nice, his roommates seem cool, and it sounds like his show is going to be very interesting. This morning we got up and went grill shopping. He finally decided on a portable propane grill at Dick’s. I left there and stopped at Barnes and Noble in Camp Hill on my way home, hoping to see Colette. She wasn’t working. But I did get a copy of Into the Woods for my callback at the Fulton on Monday.

Speaking of which, I have no idea what I’m suppoed to prepare for that. Not a clue. I returned the call three times and still haven’t heard back, so I’m just gonna show up and hope for the best. I figured I’d stop at Menchey’s on the way home to get the sheet music or the score. York didn’t have it, but Hanover did, so I raced over to Hanover (50 minutes from York) only to get there at 5 and they had already closed. Of course they are closed on Sunday adn Monday. So I’m going to read the script and listen to the CD about fifty million times. The innate problem with this show is that there about 5 roles I could be seen for so I can’t even focus on anything.

Anyhow, then I came home and replied to a thing about filming a commercial over at Raven’s Stadium next weekend. Hopefully I’ll get that too!

That’s all for now, I guess.

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