>Gearing Up for My Triumphant Return

>So, I’ve gotten myself super-psyched about my theatre company, and I’m hoping that the first production will be Equus, directed by Brian. He’s been talking about it forEVER. Well, I finally got around to reading it. It’s brilliant. (And hey, maybe I can convince Brian to spend some time at the farm with me, studying the horses… I won’t make him ride, I suppose.)

I’m also spending a lot of time figuring out budgeting figures. I think it could be possible to produce this play in Manhattan for about $6000. I also think that we can make that amount back, in a two week run. All the pieces are coming together… I’m being reminded of how much of a high it is to really create theatre. Not this community/HS crap… that’s so NOT art. Fun yes, art, no!

I’m rediscovering my voice and remembering exactly why my classmates believed in me so much!

(Second show… Stop Kiss perhaps???)


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  1. >just promise me at some point down the road we can bring Bare back to New York….

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