>The air is lighter here

>Wow. It’s amazing how easily things change.

Brian moved out yesterday, finally. I’m really glad. Sure I’ll miss him a little, but only a little, because he was only a little nice to me. He only care about me a little, so I will only miss him, a little.

I feel so light and relaxed. The cloud that I thought was pemanently afixed to my apartment is magically gone.

I saw Sweeney Todd last night, with Shanibeth. Ben wasn’t in it, but he came and visited with us before the show and during intermission. I know I’ve said it before and I’m certain I’ll say it again, just being around Ben makes me feel good. Spending time with him reminds me that all things are possible with a little self-belief, which I had been seriously lacking in the past year.

The show was great. It was light and fun and exciting. Words I never in a million years dreamed I’d use to describe Sweeney Todd. I hesitated to go until Ben was in because I didn’t want to have to sit through it more then necessary. I was completely wrong about that. I will defiantely go again… and maybe again…
(Best number in the show, as always, “A Little Priest” however, Patti and Michael made it really sexy, and almost erotic! Imagine!)

Shan and I are getting an audition board. A white board calendar to write all auditions on. No more excuses!

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