>My god that was fun…

>Ask me how I got home from work today… go ahead, ask. Maybe we should start with where do you live? Answer: Astoria (find it on the map – hint, it’s in Queens). And, Where do you work? Answer: Upper West Side (85th Street in Manhattan, to be exact). So, how did you get home today?

I walked.

Oh yeah baby. Across Central Park, down and over to the 59th Street Bridge, over the Bridge, up 21st Street to Ditmars Blvd. How long did that take you ask?

2 hours.

I’m taking my roller skates tomorrow, because I am REALLY tired of walking everywhere.

God, I love the MTA and the TWU. My special favorites are His Majesty Toussaint and Kalikow. (By special favorites, I mean the world’s biggest assholes EVER. – Both of them.)

Oh yeah, I also love that because of the set fares for cabs, cabs will now not drive from manhattan to queens, because it’s not cost efficient for them. I literally almost cried after about the 5th cab I asked. jerks.


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  1. >You know the blow-up rats that they have around the city? Well someone said they saw one dressed up as the grinch and it had a sign on it wiith one of the leaders’ names on it. Pretty funny if you ask me 🙂

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