>Migraine and movie.

>Well… Friday I took the day off to go to the EPA for Company. I got there at 8:30am and left by about 10:30am, and in that time there were only three other people there to audition. I went first. I’m not even in the union. Very bizarre experience. I did fine. Actually, I had a migraine coming on moments before I walked into the room, so I think I did alright. Really was more focused on not throwing up from the severe pain in the back of my head. As I came out of the room I set down my clarinet and flute grabbed my sweats to change back into and ran to the bathroom, just in time to throw up. I will now have fond memories every time I got back to Telsey for an audition! I came home, saw Alex Geminiani (Sweeney Todd, Assassins) standing in my subway station out in Queens, and somehow managed not to get soaked in the monsoon that decided to come down the second I got off of the train. I slept all day. I’d wake up realize that my head still hurt and go immediately back to sleep. About 8pm I woke up and felt perfectly fine. Kyleen and I hit up Waltz and took a walk so that we could both get out of our houses.

Yesterday, I hit Red Bank for an audition for 42nd Street. When I got off the train, I realized how long it’d been since I was last there because they’ve since built a train platform. As I was walking down Monmouth Street, I thought about the last time I had been there which was the day Man of La Mancha had closed in June 2004. That was also the last time I hung out with Denise, and within a day or so of the last time I saw Geoff. Interestingly enough, my relationship with Geoff basically began and ended at that theatre… I came home and decided to be lazy. Though vaguely about going to the movies, but didn’t want to fight the DaVinci crowds.

Got up this morning and went to see the first mat of DaVinci Code, which was pleasantly entertaining. And now I’m home to hide out from the thunderstorm that can’t make up it’s mind whether to hit or not. Will probably do some web design, wash some dishes, gather up laundry, and practice for yet another audition.


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