>When they said "Boot Camp"…

>…they were not kidding.

I got my preparation packet for this three-week intensive Musical Theatre Audition course I’m taking at The New School for Drama. (Bragging Right: I get to take it for free, since I work for The New School!)

For the first day I have to have:

2 page journal assignment pkus song to perform for that;
Read and be very familiar with Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer NIght’s Dream;
Two Songs performance ready;
At least four songs to work on;
Four Monologues

On top of that, dance attire will be tights and a leotard! (EEK!) So I’m seriously upping my workout routine. I’ll have to put all music and Monologues on my ipod, so I can work on them while working out.

Truth be told, I’m looking forward to this experience. I feel like I’m right back in grad school, and I really loved grad school. Being creative 24 hours a day. Not sitting at a desk for hours on end

So now my challenge is to find some monologues and songs to work on. Leave suggestions if you got ’em.

My life is really good some days.



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5 responses to “>When they said "Boot Camp"…

  1. >And i think we can both say that today was definitely one of those days.

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