>A Perfect New York Week

>There are those things that define the New York experience that you often see in movies, but then wonder if they really exist, if New yorkers actually do these things. Well I had two such experiences this week.

On Thursday, I was invited to attend a launch party for one of my colleagues son’s new business. David is a chef and is a partner in a personal chef company called Chef in the City. The party was in a loft near Union Square with a jazz trio playing standards and open bar. The food, which David prepared was fantastic. Almost a surreal experience.

This morning I went to Yoga in the Socrates Sculpture Park. It was misty and gray and we set up right next to the river. It was perfect. And I fell great. Of course the latest monsoon broke just as we were ending and I had to ride my bike home in it.

Ben came to my office for a little visit yesterday. We chit chatted for a while. He ate my chicken. It was awesome to spend a few non-business mintues with him.

I also have a big audition on Monday for Broadway. The weekend will be getting ready for that. Send good vibes Monday afternoon!



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