>Theatre Camp

>So, I apologize for disappearing for the rest of June. I’m in theatre camp!!!! So far it’s been exhausting and exhillarating, and everything wonderful. I’m being reminded of all of the things I’ve learned over the years and forgotten. I’m seeing young actors discover, which is teaching me as much about myself as it is for them. I’m seeing my peers (in age) re-discover as I am, and informing myself with that as well.

We are in acting classes (sometimes twice a day), and master classes (yesterday with Judy Kuhn, today with Bob LuPone, tomorrow with Michelle Pawk) – google them if you are unfamiliar. They are asking for any and everything. The stresses that I almost always feel at auditions I’m feeling regularly and understanding exactly what it is, and how best to conquer it.

I had an amazing voice lesson with a supportive, understanding teacher – been a long time since I had a warm caring voice teacher (I’m not talking about my coaches who have been wonderful, but rather my technical instructors.)

I am there, and already feel ready to get out there. I can’t wait to see how I feel in the end!


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6 responses to “>Theatre Camp

  1. >Rock on, you beautiful dreamer, you!

  2. >I’m glad you are having a ball!

  3. >i am slightly jealous that you’re doing this and i’m working and we have no time to chat. grrr.

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