>how quickly a calm can come. I am not the same person I was just two weeks ago.

I have come to believe that even and calm is the best way for me to live. It infuriates some people that I don’t get easily excited, but I don’t get easily upset either. The bigger picture is the more important and day-to-day is much more fun this way. I find it rare to meet someone who thinks like I do. Especially in New York, where everything is about the hustle and the money. And then I did. Laid back, in the moment, unplanned. Content.

…why are the stars so bright? If we’re here till dawn can we blame it on the summer night?…

For some reason my mind is racing in an Irish brogue today…


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5 responses to “>Amazing

  1. >The unplanned events are usually meant to be and therefore, the best!

  2. >stop talking about me on your blog

  3. >cheers to that, lady. btw, efo @ Falcon Ridge? I cried almost every time they played. They specialize in what’s known as the “Gospel Wake-Up” on sunday morning, and I’ve never had churchin’ like that of Julie Murphy-Wells. Also Robbie Schaefer played a show in the kid’s tent with a bunch of stuff from his new kid’s album. Wow. seth

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