>What a Wacky Week…

>So… I’ve been auditioning like crazy. I don’t know what’s gotten into me other then I’m on a really great wave and I’m surrounded by amazing people. I’ve spent the last six months changing my life to make it what I want it to be and not what I percieve anyone else expects of me. Leaving my job at Mannes and meeting Aaron were probably the two biggest influential events that put me on this track, and I can’t believe how brave I’ve been in regard to both.

Monday, I went to audition for ArtsPower children’s theatre. I really love auditioning for these guys. They always ask for a whole song, they are very friendly, and I alsways come out feeling good about myself even if I don’t get cast. I sang “Something Wonderful” from The King and I and in my prep I had an epiphany. The song is basically a wife defending her husband, who is a terrible leader and too self-important to be able to look after his people. Sound like anyone we might know? Yeah, it’s totally Laura singing about George W. I went there in my audition. It was brilliant. It felt amazing.

The week goes on and Aaron gets a callback for Marat/Sade at the Classical Theatre of Harlem. And while I’m thrilled for him, I can’t help wondering when I’m going to get my chance. His callback was Thursday morning, and at lunch afterward, I get the callback for ArtsPower. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was expecting it. Thursday, we also got called last minute to do background work on an HIV awareness PSA. This goes into a wacky story about Aaron’s last day at Planet Hollywood, and a manager challenging him about his sleeves being rolled up and Aaron leaving. But that’s his story.

Friday morning, I get up and start freaking a little bit about the callback which is later. Aaron gets the offer for Marat. I go to my thing. 10:15pm I get the offer.

So, looks like I’ve got a three month EQUITY contract! I’m signing on Monday, which means that finally that bottle of champagne will get drunk. The tour is out and back from Jan to Apr. I’m a little nervous about that first month, because that is the longest time out. I’m a little nervous about the money. It’s a bit less money then I’m making now, but dude! I finally got my equity card!

And what are the odds Aaron and I would both get amazing offers on the same day???!


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  1. >HOOORAY! Congratulations, Kate! I’m sooooooo happy for you and Aaron! :o)

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