The world goes ’round and ’round and ’round…

Well, life goes on…

I’m stage managing a show at The Barrow Group, called Who You See Here by Matt Hoverman.

I have two more shows (stage managing gigs) coming up in May and June.  I’m also doing some things for the Living Museum Company based in Whiteplains, and between the three I am being inundated with dates and times.  it will truely be a miracle if I can work it all out, including get out of my money gig a few times.

I saw my lovely friend Kit in The Vagina Monologues last night.  I was reminded of how hard it is for me to watch something and not be completely aware of technical and directorial aspects.  The show was a bit on the sloppy side, but not really by the fault of the performers.  It seemed to me that the head chef of the production didn’t know how to deal with details, and it lacks them, in all areas. But Eve wrote a damn good show that surpasses whatever tragic elements are brought to it, and the production is being done as a benefit.  So… it was worth seeing.  And Kit rocks in everything that she does! (Someone asked me recently what I thought a “strong woman” is.  Kit would be a great example.)

I’ve been out a bit, trying to improve my social life.  It’s tough with a show schedule, but I’m doing my best.  Last night, after seeing Kit’s show I met up with Joel and his friends (who I can honestly call freaks – Coney Island style) down in the East Vil.  Joel is a character.  I’m trying to sort out what I want his friendship to be (there are some options).  Some things to think about.  Some things to talk to him about (when I get up the courage.)  Who knows?  But I like who I am when I’m with him, and that’s as important as anything.

Some other flirtation happening at the bar.  A nice Aussie boy.  Of course, one minute he seems interested, and the next he doesn’t.  So who knows.  We chatted about photography and he asked to second me at an event I’m supposed to do.  Maybe that’s the extent of the interest.    Ah well.

I’m frustrated with my RDT team.  Chris asked me to schedule a meeting.  So I did.  I emailed the details a week ahead.  I heard nothing from anyone about it.  So I cancelled the meeting.  Still haven’t heard anything from anyone about it.  I’m ANNOYED.  I won’t do all of this by myself.  Maybe I just need to decide that we are not doing a summer show and start working on the fall show.

Alright, back to editing pictures.  check out my new websites:


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