Freedom of speech?

I’m irked.

Someone asked me to remove something from my blog.  I did it because they asked, but maybe I shouldn’t have.  I wrote a mild opinion about a show.  It wasn’t even a negative opinion.  Just an opinion.  With a positive follow-up.

I guess I’m more irked that I let someone else dictate what I should or shouldn’t write about.

I work in the theatre.  I have nearly my entire life.  I have strong feelings about things.  I always will.  The truth is that I didn’t write what I really felt. I saved the truth for conversation with my friends who were familiar with the show.  On top of that, I believe that the arts are supposed to spark conversation.  Why does one person find something brilliant and the next find it tragic? Better to have an opinion then not, I think.

Well, I was bullied into not having an opinion about something.

That’s shitty.

And unartistic.

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