You could make a total fool of me…

I am in a fucked-up goofy mood today.  Silly.  I did get quite a bit of work done this morning, but chatting on-line with an equally silly person finally made me completely unproductive.  Oh well.  I’ll take silly over grown-up anyday.

Yesterday was Jenni’s birthday.  She hosted a cookout.  On a complete whim I invited Seamus.  I really didn’t think he’d come.  He works too hard.  But he did, and we kicked ass in Scrabble, had a gorgeous heart to heart.  Made up for not going to see the fireworks tonight, though I’m not hurt, I knew there was a possibility it wouldn’t be able to happen. What’s weird about that, is I really am ok with the cancellations and the speed of things.  Patience has never been my friend, but I’ve grown so much this year, that it seems like a natural quality.

That is not to say that I don’t get giggly and excited at the prospect of seeing him.  But, it’s completely ok for it to happen when it happens.

World’s biggest grin…

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