The sounds of the city, sifting through trees, settle like dust on the shoulders of the old friends.

Old Friends.

I am so please to have gotten to spend time with Mike Domue lately.  We have been friends since the summer of 1994, when we were barely able to drive, were tap dancing in our underwear, and seeing Lion King in the movie theatre.

Mike pointed out how wonderful it is that we can go years without speaking (proven by the fact neither of us had the other’s phone number) and pick right up where we left off.  We have crazy stories and a real affinity for each other.  We also have this crazy timing ability.  We go all this time without each other, and then the second one of us needs the other we show up.  This has happened so many times over the years I can’t even keep track.

Mike is a stage manager who works all the time.  He’s never in one place for too long.  But, it turns out, and I guess I knew this all these years, that he has an apartment literally down the street from me.  He just happens to never ever be there because of his work.  However, he interviewed for a very big, exciting show here in the city, which would put him squarely in Astoria for at least 4 months.  That would be lovely!

Anyway,  I’m so glad to have Mike in my life.  I hope to see much more of him in the coming months.

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