I’ve read the words before so now I know

Moving forward.

I am always always always surprised when  I find out I have semi-regular readers.  It makes me wonder if I need to be more cautious in my ramblings, and then I think perhaps my readers need to be more cautious in reading my ramblings.  That would be better.  Then I can still write whatever I want.  Bare in mind that what I write on these pages is what is true to my heart in the moment that I write it.  Sometimes, just getting it on the “page” is enough to remove it from my soul, and sometimes it just makes the topic blossom in my heart.

Point is, you never know.  I encourage you not to judge me too much based on what you see here.  You just never know what is truly going on in my head. Sometimes even I don’t know.

I’ve recently been revisited by my past.  A good but scary part of my past.  I’m sure there will be more here about it. I don’t know what will happen, I don’t know what I want to happen.

On lighter topics…

Work is ok.  I’m tired.  My schedule for this coming week is heinous.  Not at all what I talked to the manager about.  I think responsibilities are changing among our management so I believe someone new is doing the schedule.  I will have to find a way to talk to them about it.  I came home last night with a migrain headache, a backache, no food for the entire day, and this was after the mgr asked me to stay for a double.  I said no.  I felt bad for the girl who did end up staying with no break for the day. However, by the end of the week I should be well on my way to being caught up with paying some of my summer debts off.  That will be nice.

Trying to cast Sleepy Hollow.  Men are tough to come by.  Somehow I will find time to get this done, around work this week.

Perhaps I will be able to slip my toes in the sand tonight…


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