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I’m so tired of the household drama.  I have stayed out of it for a long time, and lately, it’s been affecting me as much as everyone else.  Why can’t we all just get along.  Be respectful of each other, of our space.  Why is it unreasonable to expect someone to clean up after themselves?  Why do I constantly feel like I’m a guest living in someone else’s space?


I’m sure there will be fall out from this post.  What can I say?  I’m frustrated.

(I just deleted a whole post about this.  This is one of those moments where I can not say what’s on my mind.  It will make it worse.)

I love my home.  I love being at home.  I love my roommates (all of them).  But one of them is going through some changes in her life and her priorities are changing (congratulations are in order) and one of the things falling to the wayside is care of of her living arrangements and roommates.  I’ve heard that she thinks the other three of us are ganging up on her.  The truth is, we are trying to figure out how to fairly manage the household without her, because she hasn’t been reliable in the past few months. When we need to make decisions about chores or where to store something and she isn’t around, it probably does feel like we’re “ganging” up on her.  There’s nothing malicious about it.  I want to make one thing extremely clear though: We are not pushing her out of the house.  We are not sitting here counting the hours until she moves out.  She and I have been friends for a really long time, and with the way things are, this living situation is my last link to her.  When she does move out and in with her new husband, I’m willing to bet our friendship will be over.  It will be sad for me.

So there it is.

I feel like there is nothing I can do until I hear from this roommate.  She didn’t respond to a text I sent her on Monday (I was angry with her when I sent it, but I felt it was fair), and she certainly doesn’t reach out to me on any sort of regular basis.  So, I wait.  I deal with things as they come up.  I try not to get too frustrated.  Nothing is that big, at the end of the day.


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