Darlin’, so it goes, some things are meant to be

Ok, folks, here it is…

I might, just might, be falling in love.

I said some things out loud to Sophie yesterday that surprised me.  Got me really truly thinking.

I have had boyfriends pretty well straight through since age 15.  In the  last few years not so much.  Though, I have to say, I’ve enjoyed being single, finding myself, being self-reliant.  I’ve enjoyed it so much that I almost didn’t want to find someone else. “Someone else” has always ended up being destructive and hurtful in my life.

I’ve met someone (who has a whole slew of complications included) who knows himself, wants to know me, and is willing to jump blindly. Throw caution to the wind. I find myself thinking of him all the time.  Admiring him, what he does now, what he’s lived through, the path he’s taken, the path he’s about to take.

Wise men say, “Only fools rush in…”


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