Here we are again, circles never end…

See, the thing is, I can write whatever I want.  Freedom of speech and all.  It’s one of the freedoms that our soldiers go overseas to protect.  Ironic, don’t you think?

Yeah, you.

The other thing is that, I’m not who I was back then.  Not even close.  I won’t put up with the crap of friendship that isn’t real.  I’ve got better ways to spend my time, energy, and emotions.

I have a million memories of you that I cherish.  There are pictures of you on my walls.  There are stories I still tell.  And everytime I talk to my friend and collaborator who lives in Front Royal, I think of that beautiful rainy Saturday that we spent wandering around the antique markets of rural Virginia.  I can not possibly be more grateful for the effect you had on my life, for your light touch on my lower back in the midst of a beer party at your house, or the beauty of the sight of you with the Virginia mountainside in the background as we got stranded on our way to a concert.


I have been fortunate to have an amazing life since you left. Since the day you got off the bus to catch a flight on a wet December afternoon, and you slung your duffle bag over your shoulder and waved goodbye, as if we were in a 1940’s war flick.  An image forever seared in my memory.

I have since been awakened to the power within my soul.  I no longer need you.  I imagine you have changed too, how could you have not?

But, I will give you the chance to reintroduce yourself, with out my judgment or assumption.  I vow to be open, and welcoming.  You should know that it will be difficult to completely leave my guard down, but I will do my best.

Because, for one brief afternoon, maybe twice, you were my whole world.

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