I’ve been travelling all around the world waiting for you to come through…

I write only for myself.  (That is my usual 3 or so month warning to my readers-take no offence in what I write.)

I miss someone terribly.  I’m sure he knows.  Or suspects at any rate.  And unfortunately, its not one of the guys I’m currently dating.   Though they are lovely fellows.

I wish a lot of things, and I’ve always had faith that the right things come true.  In regard to this specific person, someone was unknowingly wise in telling me to be patient.  That was twelve years ago.

Lover or not, I miss this friendship.  I feel like an old soul and I never relate to my peers very well.  I always related to this man.  I related enough to walk away.  And let him walk away, and then let him run away.

His email address popped up in an eblast I sent out today.  I know that for a minute he was thinking of me.  It makes me deliriously happy, and ridiculously sad at the same time.

I’m so happy to feel something for someone again.  Maybe his reappearance in my life is enough of a catalyst to feel something for someone else…


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