…Through all of the shadowy corners of me…

Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind…

Harry: “What does this song mean? My whole life, I don’t know what this song means. It means ‘Should old acquaintance be forgot.’ Does that mean we that should forget old acquaintances or does it mean that if we should happen to forget them, we should remember them which is not possible because we already forgot?”

Sally: “Well maybe it just means that maybe we should remember that we forgot them or something. Anyway, it’s about old friends” (When Harry Met Sally)

Another year, and another set of adventures begin, or continue, as is the case of some.

I’ve been meaning to writing almost everyday.  Topics come to mind and I want to document them, but as usual, life has been escaping me.  So I’ll just hit the big things that have been going on.

In Trousers, the latest, and probably last RDT mainstage show, is up and in pre-production and everywhere I turn someone is talking about it.  I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for the project. My enthusiasm must be catching, I’ve had more variety of donors then ever before.  People are stopping me at auditions and gigs asking how they can audition or otherwise get involved.  I had no idea the show had such a cult following! The first press to go out is here.

I grew up with this music.  It’s a concept musical about a married man trying to figure out if he’s gay or not.  Odd material for a 12 year old girl to fall in love with, but I did.  I’ve been joking with my actor friends that I knew every word to In Trousers before I knew every word to Les Miserables (a musical theatre staple for my generation.)

The show goes up at the Duplex Cabaret Theatre in Greenwich Village, the last weekend in March.

Also, this year, I have dedicated myself to myself. There is a first for everything.  I am making a goal to go to 365 auditions in 365 days, or until I book something worthy of pausing auditions.  I’m tweeting every audition to keep track.  I’m finding that making a game out of it helps take the pressure off of me and gets me out to auditions I might not otherwise go to. I’m also thinking seriously about finding an agent, something I haven’t done at all up to this point. Things are going well so far.  I feel good about the work I’m doing, for the most part and keeping my eyes open for ways to improve.

It looks like I’m going to Alaska for the Last Frontier Theatre Conference in June to work on one of Arlene Hutton’s new plays.  More details to follow.

My brother is getting married in April.  Should be fun.  I saw what the bridesmaids dresses are going to look like, and since my mother (who is making them) reads this and I love my future sister-in-law, I won’t comment.  My one question is, if I’m to wear silver shoes, any style, can I wear my silver sparkly converse?

My date to the wedding (cause really, my distress over the outfit, boils down to this) is long time friend Justin.  But thankfully, we have made some plans for before the wedding (so first impression after 8 years won’t be Camelot.  Oh see, there, I gave too much away.) In a week and a half I am going to have dinner with the one person who might be most important to me. I will be so glad to see him, that I can’t even come up with the words to describe…  So many questions blur through my mind, so many emotions, defenses, joys, a little sadness, and mostly pure adrenaline and excitement.  This is what is meant by “A kid at Christmas time.”  I forgot what this felt like.

Currently, things are good.  I sometimes stop and take stock and really just how spectacular my life truly is. I continue the adventure with great enthusiasm…

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