E as águas deste rio Onde vão, eu não sei. E a minha vida inteira, esperei, esperei.

Me on the beach at Copacobana, 1998

There are a few things that I would love to wake up to every day.  Today I get to wake up to a pot of fresh brazilian coffee.

I started drinking coffee in college (who didn’t?), and the summer after my sophomore year I went to Brazil.  And there I discovered COFFEE! Coffee that didn’t need anything added to it, it was so sweet and flavorful.  If I had thought more about it I would’ve packed my suitcase as full of coffee grounds as possible before I came back.

I recently have discovered that some of the coffee houses in NYC are offering “single origin” coffee, and often there is a Brazilian option.  However, that requires a special trip into the city and is kind of a pain in the ass. So when my NYC-Brazilian friend Roberto said he was going home to RIO for a few weeks I practically tackled him while begging for COFFEE!

He brought me back a couple different kinds, and I am going to be in coffee heaven for some time…

…I need to go back to Brazil, as soon as possible.


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