If I’m patient the break will mend And one fine morning the hurt will end

“You may travel far but love’s never lost” – Kevin Michael Murphy

Just wanted to share that little gem from Kevin.

Things have been good. But, I’m sorry to say I have been editing myself with regards to what I’m posting. I’ve taken to writing some things on paper for two reasons: 1. I remember all too well what it’s like to have my life changed by someone maliciously cyber-stalking me. I’m afraid I might be too close to that particular ring if fire again and I don’t want to invite the negativity back in; and, 2. My heart is singing with music that might be deemed to intense for public scrutiny. I just can’t put it out there, but I must document every sensation so that in another 10 years I can look back with ease.

I’ve been finding all sorts of old writings. I literally sat in the middle of my living room yesterday reading notebook after notebook. At the end I was half crying half laughing and calling myself an idiot for not seeing the things I had. It gave me a lot of clarity.

I feel a crossroad coming up. I will be able to choose with far more certainty at this one.

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