And even if you lose yourself and don’t know what to do, the memory of love will see you through.

What a wild weekend!

Friday, I had an interview at a restaurant that several Japonais people have been hired at.  It was fine.  I could work there just fine.  I’m not keen on the idea of working in another restaurant.  It goes against my personal manifesto.  But a girl’s gotta eat and buy pointe shoes…

Friday night I ended up going to a play with the lovely Jennifer Wilcox at NYU.  She had several designer friends involved in the production and the tickets were free and I was curious to see what they did to renovate the old Provincetown Playhouse.  It was a fine show.  Three one-acts by original P-town players, framed by a (weak) story of several college students breaking into the P-town playhouse and finding a time capsule of sorts.   The designs were mostly great, the acting was pretty good, the idea was interesting, but it just didn’t seem to all come together.  I did so enjoy the Eugene O’Neill they did though – his short play “Fog”.  Easy to see where something like Long Day’s Journey into Night might come from.  I’d be very curious to look up the lineage.

Saturday was a very big day.  I managed to get to brunch with Tammie and Alex Frangos and friends, and three month old Penelope.  They are headed back to Hong Kong, where Alex works for the Wall Street Journal, and it’s alway nice to spend some time with Tammie.  She has been a friend and colleague for quite a few years now, and I really miss having her around.  And Penelope is adorable.

Then I drove out to Port Jefferson, Long Island for the wedding of another Barrow Group friend, Holly Kay.  Port Jefferson is pretty amazing.  It’s a beautiful port town that reminded me a lot of a mini Annapolis, or even something like Severna Park, or the other smaller marina towns on the Chesapeake Bay.   It’s funny to have the Long Island stereotype destroyed bit-by-bit.  The wedding was at a beautiful episcopal church, and the reception was at catering hall in Smithtown, which is about 12 miles south.  I discovered after the ceremony that I had a few friends there, which was really lovely.  We had time to kill between the ceremony and reception, so we wandered around Port Jeff.  The reception was so lovely, there’s no way I’m going to remember everything.  They had an amazing cover band, great food, open bar, and a beautiful cake.  I have known Holly for about a year.  It’s been a tough one for her and I was so glad to be there as part of this celebration!

After the wedding, Izze and I had to drive home to Baltimore because we had a bridal luncheon this afternoon.  We got in about 3am.  I somehow managed to get up, go for a run (all hills!), and be ready to walk out the door by noon.  It was really nice to see some of my aunts that I haven’t seen for quite some time.  You don’t even realize how time flies by, and since I haven’t been home for Easters or Thanksgivings for the past few years, I only get to see people at Christmas – and truly, there’s never enough time for my gigantic family.  We spent some time with Melissa, discussing the plans for the wedding weekend.  She keeps saying she doesn’t care about things, but it seems to me she really does and doesn’t want to say what it is she wants to happen.  I have instructed her to make a list of things she thinks need to get done in the few days before the wedding and I would be responsible for that list.  That way she can put whatever she likes on it, and she can pop in and out to “supervise” but someone else will be dealing with everything.  I hope she actually makes that list.  Also, turns out, I will be singing at the wedding.  I was waiting for my brother to confirm that, but Melissa said it was for sure.  (She also took care of the cake issues between Izze and Steve.)

Finally, we got back in the car and drove back to New York.  I was reminded of how stressed out I get when I’m a passenger and someone else is driving through bad weather.  All it takes is one good accident with a rolling van to make you crazy in a little rain…

So I’m home, alive.  I got the paperwork for my unemployment.  Will continue to file that tomorrow.  Have some auditions and rehearsals this week.  Lots of memorizing ahead of me!

A beautiful weekend.


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