She got down but she never got tight, but she’ll make it alright

I played soccer from about age 8 to 16.  I only stopped because soccer season and the spring musical overlapped. (I did both one year and it sucked.)  I was one of the few girls on the co-ed teams when I was young.  When the league started a girls only division, I got to be a team leader.  I was named MVP my first season on a girl’s team.  I had a wicked left foot.  I scored often from half-back.  Thinking about it now, I feel like it was one of the few things I was really good at as a kid.  When the high school got a girl’s team, I barely made the team (we were good), but I lettered anyhow. 

I really loved playing soccer.

For years, I’ve wanted to play on a rec league in the city.   Would you believe that getting onto a team is one of the hardest things in the city.  EVERYONE wants to play. It would be easier for me to get into the Broadway Show Softball league and I’m not even in a Broadway show.  So when my friend, Apolonia, called to say she had to give up her spot on a soccer team because of an injury, I jumped at the chance to replace her. 

Yesterday, I got added to the team’s email list.  And was promptly bombarded with emails back and forth from teammates about practice times, and such.  What I’ve discerned from the emails is that this is a fun bunch of smart asses who really love playing together.  I can’t wait to meet these guys, and I really hope I’ve still got a wicked left foot.


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